Enable virtual hosts with self signed SSL on WAMP

Let’s say you have a website on you wamp server by name project. So there’s a directory project in your C:\wamp\www directory. Also visiting http://localhost/project on the browser takes us to your project website. Now we want to set up a virtual host with self signed SSL certificate so that we can visit our webiste […]

Design Patterns in PHP: Factory, Strategy and Singleton

What are design patterns Design patterns are coding strategy followed by developers. It’s just like an architectural plan followed in building houses. As per theory it can defined as “A general solution to commonly occurring problems in software design”. Instead of talking about what Design patterns are let’s have a look at some real world […]

Installing PHPUnit on Windows

Below are the steps to install PHPUnit on Windows. Irrespective of whether you are using WAMP or XAMP installation steps shall remain the same. Step I: Create a directory named bin in C drive. Step II: Now add the path C:\bin to your environment. To do this click on Windows icon and right click on […]

Cheatsheet of useful MongoDB command line commands

In this article we have listed few yet very useful and very commonly used MongoDB commands. This article is not a tutorial on MongoDB but a list of useful commands for MongoDB; so this is kind of cheatsheet of MongoDB commands. How to take backup of MongoDB database Run the below command in command prompt […]

A bootstrap compatible pagination function in PHP for database queries

This tutorial covers usage of a custom PHP function to generate paginated links for records fetched from database. This function uses HTML markup as per Bootstrap framework. It also supports adding additional query string to each paginated link.

Best practices in PHP

There has been always a fuzz about the best practices to be followed while programming in PHP. Unlike Python, PHP doesn’t add any restrictions or has any hard and fast rule for indentations. Be it naming conventions for class names or functions or be it positioning of braces; each developer follows his own standards as […]

Use gmail for your domain email

In this article we’ll learn how to configure your personal Gmail account to use your domain email address. Gmail allows adding 5 such addresses. Mails will be sent through your servers SMTP server but you’ll be able to send and receive them in Gmail.

MVC Architecture in PHP

MVC is acronym for Model View Controller. It is an architectural pattern standard. Instead of writing all the php code and html markup in one file we segregate it. So say in a typical MVC framework there will be three folders: Model View Controller Here is what each one of them will be doing The […]

Install Composer on Windows and WAMP Server

Composer is a dependency manager tool. Nowadays every other PHP package available out there is using composer for installing. Gone are the old days when developers use to require the required files for including a package. With composer you just need to add the package name in composer.json and composer will not only download the […]

Install Laravel 5 on WAMP Server

In this super small tutorial we’ll learn how to install Laravel 5 on WAMP server. It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of WAMP. I am using Windows 7 Operating system. In case you are using Windows 8 or 10 or even a XP, the installation steps will remain the same. For installing […]

Highlight searched terms in WordPress search results

You can make your WordPress blog more user friendly by highlighting the search terms on Search page when user searches for something. By default WordPress search template is designed to show only the page title and excerpt. Unless and until the theme provides this feature out of the box, the searched terms are not highlighted […]

Laravel pagination for custom queries

If you have used laravel for any CRUD application you may used the paginate method on you query builder for generating pagination links. However this method doesn’t work well with groupBy and raw queries. This post shows few examples of generating pagination manually using the Paginator class.

Creating a simple responsive wordpress theme from scratch using Twitter Bootstrap: Part 2

In the last part of this tutorial we started with our theme with just two files: index.php and style.css. What we got was a terrible looking website that looked like a notepad text editor. In this part we are going to style our theme to give it a professional look. Below is what it is […]

Masonry style WordPress Gallery without using plugin

Nowadays Masonry styled Gallery layouts are very common for websites. There are many third party WordPress plugins for Galleries that either provide their own Gallery or provide styling skins for the default WordPress Gallery. For the sake of this post we will learn how to apply Masonry Layout to default WordPress Gallery. Below is the […]

WordPress on localhost asking Ftp details while downloading plugins from Dashboard

Many times while on your local server you may have faced this issue. You try downloading and installing a plugin through the Dashboard. Then all of a sudden a screen comes that asks for FTP credentials. If you usually manually extract the plugins zip file in the plugins folder then probably you must have never […]