Php function to convert an array to CSV file for download

Many times your PHP application may require downloading records from a database table. PHP MySQL select queries return result in associate array format (using mysqli_fetch_assoc or mysqli_result::fetch_assoc). This function can be used to convert the result array into a CSV file. And then force download the generated CSV file.

Sending html mails with attachment using PHP mail

The mail function of PHP can be used to send mails with attachment just by modifying the header data and changing the Content type. This blog explains how to do it.

Tutorial on creating image captcha in PHP using GD library

There are already a number of free captcha libraries available on web. But as a developer you might want to know (in case you don’t) how the captcha is actually generated. So in this small tutorial we will learn step by step how to generate a captcha image using PHP. Captcha is a string of […]

Using wpdb in core PHP non WordPress Projects

If you are a WordPress developer you would definitely be aware of the $wpdb variable. $wpdb makes it easy to query any table in your database and handle the result data as an array with column names as keys or as an object with properties as column names. $wpdb also provides the prepared statement for […]

Modified wpdb class for using in Core PHP

The original wp-db class that WordPress provides cannot be used in non WordPress projects. This blog provides the source code for a modified wp-db class that can be used in any non WordPress projects. Using this modified wp-db class file you can use the usual wpdb functions in your core PHP projects.

Creating a WordPress plugin for social media sharing

As the official WordPress codex explains, a WordPress plugin is a set of functions that adds or enhances the set of features to your WordPress blogs. Plugins can be activated and deactivated through the Plugins screen in WordPress dashboard. If you are a PHP programmer and new to WordPress and wish to know how plugins […]

Modifying WP Query for Advance Search in WordPress

Many times you need to provide a search input for your site that will search through custom fields, comments, categories and many more. However the default WordPress Search searches only through the post and pages content and title. This post shall show how to define your own custom search query.

Using WordPress ajax

The way WordPress uses jquery’s ajax is quite different from the usual one. Though the official codex explains this in great details still it can be little daunting for new commers. This post will explain in brief how to use ajax in WordPress.

Adding WordPress 3.5 Media uploader to plugin / theme’s setting page

WordPress 3.5 media uploader is a lot different from the previous WordPress versions. Unlike the previous the 3.5 media uploader can be added with just three to four lines of code making it very easy to be used in our plugin’s or theme’s setting page.

Adding custom columns and removing the default ones from WordPress Posts and Pages table

WordPress tables shown in Pages and Posts contain some unwanted columns like the comments column. This post shows how to remove unwanted columns and add your own.

Enabling pretty permalinks on WAMP

When you install WAMP for the first time you will notice that .htaccess redirects wont work. This post explains how to enable the same.

Creating a simple responsive wordpress theme from scratch using Twitter Bootstrap: Part 1

This is a small tutorial for begineers with little knowledge of wordpress on how to create a wordpress wordpress theme from html.