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Cheatsheet of useful MongoDB command line commands

In this article we have listed few yet very useful and very commonly used MongoDB commands. This article is not a tutorial on MongoDB but a list of useful commands for MongoDB; so this is kind of cheatsheet of MongoDB commands. How to take backup of MongoDB database Run the below command in command prompt […]

A bootstrap compatible pagination function in PHP for database queries

This tutorial covers usage of a custom PHP function to generate paginated links for records fetched from database. This function uses HTML markup as per Bootstrap framework. It also supports adding additional query string to each paginated link.

Best practices in PHP

There has been always a fuzz about the best practices to be followed while programming in PHP. Unlike Python, PHP doesn’t add any restrictions or has any hard and fast rule for indentations. Be it naming conventions for class names or functions or be it positioning of braces; each developer follows his own standards as […]

Use gmail for your domain email

In this article we’ll learn how to configure your personal Gmail account to use your domain email address. Gmail allows adding 5 such addresses. Mails will be sent through your servers SMTP server but you’ll be able to send and receive them in Gmail.