Here you'll find solutions to some of the common problems you may have encountered during development as well as quick start code snippets to help you get started with popular frameworks.

Using WordPress ajax

The way WordPress uses jquery’s ajax is quite different from the usual one. Though the official codex explains this in great details still it can be little daunting for new commers. This post will explain in brief how to use ajax in WordPress.

Adding WordPress 3.5 Media uploader to plugin / theme’s setting page

WordPress 3.5 media uploader is a lot different from the previous WordPress versions. Unlike the previous the 3.5 media uploader can be added with just three to four lines of code making it very easy to be used in our plugin’s or theme’s setting page.

Adding custom columns and removing the default ones from WordPress Posts and Pages table

WordPress tables shown in Pages and Posts contain some unwanted columns like the comments column. This post shows how to remove unwanted columns and add your own.

Enabling pretty permalinks on WAMP

When you install WAMP for the first time you will notice that .htaccess redirects wont work. This post explains how to enable the same.

Creating a simple responsive wordpress theme from scratch using Twitter Bootstrap: Part 1

This is a small tutorial for begineers with little knowledge of wordpress on how to create a wordpress wordpress theme from html.