Masonry style WordPress Gallery without using plugin

Nowadays Masonry styled Gallery layouts are very common for websites. There are many third party WordPress plugins for Galleries that either provide their own Gallery or provide styling skins for the default WordPress Gallery. For the sake of this post we will learn how to apply Masonry Layout to default WordPress Gallery. Below is the […]

Using WordPress ajax

The way WordPress uses jquery’s ajax is quite different from the usual one. Though the official codex explains this in great details still it can be little daunting for new commers. This post will explain in brief how to use ajax in WordPress.

Adding WordPress 3.5 Media uploader to plugin / theme’s setting page

WordPress 3.5 media uploader is a lot different from the previous WordPress versions. Unlike the previous the 3.5 media uploader can be added with just three to four lines of code making it very easy to be used in our plugin’s or theme’s setting page.