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I am Sanket from Perials

Welcome to our website.
We are a Mumbai based startup having core expertise in
PHP, Node, Python, Angular & React.
Coding is our passion and we code for a living.

What we do

We write tutorials

Tutorials, blogs and articles. This is what you'll find throughout this site. PHP and UI development is our expertise and we love sharing our knowledge with everyone. Here you'll find tutorials on the latest and trending topics in these technologies.

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We create websites

A WordPress website or a Billing Management Online System, a Portfolio website or an E-Commerce store, we do everything that is required to take your business online. Let us know your business and we'll tell you how we can take it online

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Simple Social Share

This is our very first product. Very minimilastic (we promise) WordPress plugin for displaying social sharing icons on your WordPress blog. It is absoutely free and we don't even expect any registration neither have we added any promotional ads.

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Our expertise

CMS powered websites

Need a better control of content of your website? Well then you need a CMS - Content Management System. We'll help you set up your website using WordPress

Static websites

Ideally best if you update your website content once in a while. These are low on budget and good to get you started on web.

Responsive Web design

Be it a Ipad or a Galaxy Note, we'll make sure your website user has the ultimate experience no matter which device he is using.

Software development

A Lead Management System or automation of your business process, just tell us what you want and we'll take care of it.

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Few of our ongoing projects

Zepo Logistics Management

An inventory management system for managing billing cycle. Bulk upload, processing data in bulk and reports generation as per cycle are some of the key features of this system.

Siddhishaadi Matrimonials

A Matrimonials website based on WordPress and Bootstrap, siddhishaadi.com is a regional matrimonal website. With just two months of its launch it has more than 400 members

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Siddhivinayak Consultants

A website for one of the renowed legal and tax consultancy firm, Siddhivinayak, this website showcases the portfolio and the expertise of the firm.

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Latest Blogs

Creating bar charts using D3

In this article you’ll learn the basics of creating charts using svg and D3. Above is what we’ll be creating by the end of this tutorial. Creating charts with just svg svg with single rect and minimal styling Before proceeding further it’s noteworthy to have a quick overview of how to create charts using svg […]

Getting all CSV files in directory and subdirectories using Python

Below is the code import os from glob import glob PATH = “/home/someuser/projects/someproject” EXT = “*.csv” all_csv_files = [file for path, subdir, files in os.walk(PATH) for file in glob(os.path.join(path, EXT))] print(all_csv_files) That’s it !! While above code is written for searching csv files recursively in directory and subdirectory; it can be used to search for […]

Cheatsheet of git commands

Get current branch git branch Above command will list out all the branches in your current working directory that you checked out. The current active branch will have a asterik mark before it. Switch to different branch Say you are working on master branch. Now you need to switch to branch named develop git checkout […]

Enable mod_rewrite in LAMP

mod_rewrite is an Apache module that allows to rewrite requested urls on the fly using rule based rewrite engine. In simple language it is the module that empowers your .htaccess file. It is not activated by default. So you’ll notice your htaccess rules won’t work on fresh install of Apache. In this tutorial we’ll see […]

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